Votiva Treatment Denver

We offer safe and comfortable Votiva treatment in Denver providing rejuvenation for both the internal and external tissue of the vagina without painful surgery or downtime.

As a non-invasive procedure, our Votiva treatment rejuvenates tissue and allays common symptoms that women experience, such as:

  • Post vaginal childbirth
  • Menopause
  • Aging
  • Low blood flow & sensitivity
  • Weakened vaginal muscles
  • Votiva for incontinence
  • Pain sensation caused by labial hypertrophy
  • Dryness
  • Laxity & wrinkled appearance of labia & vulva
  • Sexual dysfunction

Our Votiva treatment is a simple procedure that tends to last only a few minutes, and brings noticeable change after the second treatment. Depending on specific individual needs, we normally recommend three Votiva treatments to achieve optimal results.

Call Skin Perfection Aesthetics today to schedule a consultation to learn more about the safe and effective results of our Votiva treatments!

Votiva for Incontinence Denver

We are a medical spa and wellness center that offers safe and comfortable Votiva for incontinence in Denver with little to no downtime.

The technology used by Votiva for incontinence involves heat therapy delivered by radio frequency waves to gently heat and constrict the tissue for tightening. Votiva for incontinence is a revolutionary 30-minute treatment that restores internal and external vaginal tissue to bring relief from urinary incontinence.

We can provide significant results when undergoing Votiva for incontinence:

  • Less leakage
  • New collagen and elastin in treated areas
  • Increased blood flow to improve sensation
  • Tightening of the vaginal canal
  • Restoration of internal and external vaginal tissue

If you are experiencing physical discomfort and in need of relief from urinary incontinence, call for a free consultation to find out if this is the right treatment for you.

Votiva Patient Treatment Denver

We offer safe and effective Votiva patient treatment in Denver for rejuvenation of internal vaginal issues.

In addition to providing a very simple and personalized Votiva patient treatment plan, you can anticipate:

  • A non-invasive procedure
  • Little to no downtime
  • Painless, safe and comfortable Votiva patient treatment
  • A certified technician to address every area of concern

Giving birth, aging, and significant loss of weight can all contribute to poorly supported vaginal structures, laxity and discomfort. Our simple Votiva patient treatment procedure has already helped many women with a variety of conditions in every stage of life.

Call Skin Perfection Aesthetics for a free consultation to discuss your expectations and specific concerns, and to learn if the Votiva patient treatment plan is right for you. Thereafter, we can develop a tailored treatment plan for an internal or external treatment, or both. 720-502-6168

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